"Ashiatsu" gets its name from the Japanese word 'ashi" (foot) and 'atsu' (pressure).

Ashiatsu massage is an ancient type of Asian bodywork that is done with the soles of the massage therapist's feet.  Ashiatsu is derived from Eastern forms of barefoot massage, but has been adapted to imitate Western forms of massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue) and accommodate mainstream massage goers. Ashiatsu combines elements of Thai Massage, Shiatsu (Japan), and Keralite/Chavutti Thirummal massage (India), but with a Modern, American touch.

Ashiatsu  Massage FAQ

ASHIATSU is known as  "the most luxurious deep tissue massage on the planet".


The ashiatsu massage studio


The most luxurious deep tissue massage on the planet.

How is an Ashiatsu massage performed?
The massage is performed with warm sanitized feet. The client lies on a massage table unclothed like they would for a typical massage. Unlike your typical massage, however, the massage therapist either stands on the table and holds onto professionally installed parallel bars that hang from the ceiling for balance or sits on a stool next to the table. With the exception of the abdomen, chest, face and scalp an ashiatsu massage is completed using the massage practitioner's feet.

What is the difference between Ashiatsu and other massages?
As you might guess, an Ashiatsu massage goes extra deep — much deeper than the common Swedish massage and even deeper than a deep tissue massage.  However, the pressure can range from light to deep according to the client's preference. 

"Gravity and the therapist's body weight behind it helps us penetrate below the superficial layers of tissue, and because we use our feet instead of fingers, it doesn't feel 'pokey,'".

Clients feel stretched, relaxed, with less pain and dreaming about their next appointment.